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The world we forgot

We all lived in that world once. The land filled with tall people who look down on you from a great height. People so strong they can easily lift you off the floor and high into the sky.

You had to stand back and really crook your neck to see their faces. Their voices boomed down on you from up there. It was really hard to keep up with them; they kept telling you to move faster. But there were so many things to see along the way, and you had to give so many steps for each one they gave.

There were endless wonderful and strange things to taste and touch and discover, But they often said, ‘get that out of your mouth’ or, ‘put that down before you break it!’ They seemed to have discovered everything already because they never needed time to just stand and watch.

You didn’t always understand what the tall people wanted, and then they got angry. The tall people didn’t always understand what you wanted, and then you got angry.

But the tall people could make you so happy; when they put you on their lap, or tickled your tummy, or read the squiggly lines in books while you looked at the pretty pictures. It was a wonderful time and a frightening time.

We all lived in that world once. And then we grew up, and we forget, and we look down and say, ‘hurry up, will you.’

May we all do better at remembering,



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